The beamer (Acer P1500) is located in the chill room. If you are not alone in the room, please ask if the others are okay with you watching something.

Do not move, remove or dismantle the device. Place the remote on the table if not needed.

How to use the beamer:

  1. turn it on with the power button on the remote or on the beamer itself
  2. pull down the canvas, until the top part becomes black (do not pull it down fully)
  3. select the source if needed
  4. hook up your device with the HDMI or VGA cable
  5. for external sound hook it up to the audio cable, for sound over Hdmi activate the sound on the mixing table

How to turn off the device:

  1. press the power button (a message will be shown on the screen)
  2. press the power button again
  3. pull the canvas down a bit while pulling it a bit towards you and let it slowly move up
If the beamer is broken or damaged contact SpaCo.
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