ALUGL 2015/01

Date 12/12/2015
Time 16:00 CET
Location ChaosStuff
  1. ToDo
  2. Domain Name – prometheus
  3. Ir/Regular Meetings – prometheus
  4. Announcement & 'ALUGL Inauguration Party' – prometheus
  5. Objectives – prometheus
  6. Arch Linux Wiki - User Group page – prometheus
  7. Use of Slack services – prometheus
  8. Afterparty:
    1. yaah - A simple AUR client – metalgamer
    2. Managing your dotfiles with GNU stow – metalgamer shall be a mirror of with a touch of Luxembourg. Be it a translation or regular updates of ALUGL. And it shall be as service-indepent as possible (no google-analytics, etc.)

There will be a meeting once a month. It will be fixed independently via the mailing list.

No party. No big announcement, besides on the relating mailing lists.


  • Lilux
  • syn2cat
  • Arch Linux mailing list
  • hackerspacemailing list
  • Support of Arch Linux users
  • Discussion about GNU/Linux in general
  • Discovering embedded systems with the help of Arch Linux

No use of proprietary and privacy invasive services without acknowledgement of the members.

yaah - A simple AUR client

Managing your dotfiles with GNU stow

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