ChaosMeeting 2024/02

Date 22/01/2024
Time 19:00
Location Mumble
Administrative Council Attendees: metalgamer, virii, xbr
Minutes Recording xbr
  • AG 2024 (Datum) - metalgamer
  • Quo vadis? (Part 2): Wochendag

The GA will be on February 24th at 18:00, according to the results of the Nextcloud Poll.

Phone extensions

We spend too much on phone extensions: each extension costs us 4€ per month, and we have 8 of them, totaling up to 32€ a month. We don't need that many; we barely need 3, but we should keep the press one. What about donating the extension fees?

When do we meet up?

As mentioned last week, we need to figure out what day of the week we can meet up. To do so, we opened a Nextcloud poll which has now ended. The majority of people selected Saturday, but obviously it is not ideal for everyone. Noting that this doesn't dictate a time, it could be during the day.

We also need better communication when it comes to meeting up in person at the ChaosStuff: some members avoid coming because they do not want to be there alone or only have 2 people show up.

We should separate ChaosMeetings from MeetUps: ChaosMeetings will stay on Mondays and we keep them remote, separating them from the meetups at the ChaosStuff. Thus, we should look into Nextcloud Talk so that we can also have webcam support, instead of voice-only with Mumble.

What do we do?

Meeting up is nice, but the ChaosStuff is still somewhat messy and we need to fix our project situation.

The first time people meet up in the ChaosStuff again, we should properly clean up.

For projects, we cannot keep our "come with projects" stance, as we've seen that it doesn't work out. We essentially need more handholding when it comes to projects. We could start out by brainstorming some ideas when meeting up.

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