We are happy to announce, that the first stand-alone version of [h]ackyard was a full success. Internet was stable at an average rate of 21 Mbit down and 3 Mbit up, no deads, but a few injured hackers and a fabulous ambience amongst attendees.

A flashback in numbers:

Attendees: 19 (17 adults & 2 kids)
Antennas: 3
Tshunks: too much
Club-Mate: 3 crates
Viva 0,25: 2 crates
Cola 0,25: 1 crates
Beer 0,33: 1 crate
Hammocks: 6
Bars: 1 and a half
Firewood: 15 crates
Colourized lights: 3

Visual impressions will be referenced on the regarding wiki page.

We'll be back next year; harder, better, faster, stronger, hackier.

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