ChaosMeeting 2015/05

Date 25/04/2015
Time 19:30 CET
Location virii's place

Pls use our RequestTracker.

metalgamer asked, if we could create a mailinglist only for this project. The consensus was, that we will do it over the internal mailinglist until more people are involved in this project.

talks is now in the sidebar. prometheus will create a text to put on top to explain what that page is about. Everyone is encouraged to include his talks.

metalgamer is currently working on this. There will be a meeting, where we discuss the details. Needs still to be announced.

There were some suggestions for the name of our future hackerspace. At the moment the proposals are:

  • Cyberdelia
  • Hackbunker
  • Cyberbunker
  • Autonom Zone
  • EOF (Electronical Ordered Freedom)
  • CHE (Code, Hack & Exploit)

Suggestions can be made on a chaosmeeting or through our internal mailinglist. We decide when we have the keys.

prometheus asked if he could create some mailaddresses for his kids at his workplace on our mailserver for a project. The chaosmeeting was in favor.

  • Success in terms of people who showed up
  • Need more publicity (but for this event it was a little too short timed)
  • Some critics we receive from the participants were too harsh (how they worded it)
  • Stream was a success

Carré Rotondes gave us the next four possible dates for our cryptoparty:

  • Oktober 2015
  • November 2015
  • March 2015
  • May 2015

We decided that the next cryptoparty will take place at:

  • 18 November 2015 (More basic stuff like how to create secure password etc…)
  • 18 May 2015

prometheus will do more for C3L, as he has new ideas. Also we created a mailinglist for CRG!


Who is the first person in charge to contact to get subscribed to the internal mailing list? How is this procedure implemented?

The server admins to their stuff if we have a new member. Anyone from the council can make the first contact, but should CC the mail they write to the noc mailinglist, so that the other noc members know that someone is already in contact.

There will be a pad about the petition we will write, see internal mailinglist for more information.

The get more donations, people can make a request to us, if they can put our address information in their whois entry for their domain.

All the people were in vacation, so they could not answer. We shall receive an answer by next week. We need to get an assurance for the content in our roome (like the 3D printer).

Next topic will be Trusted Computing. Secondly we need a new name for our podcast (which we will start in June) as Bare Metal is already taken.

We got a request to participate in a press conference about privacy, which will be 21st May. More information will follow on our mailinglist

Yes, eve should be the contact person for this.

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