ChaosMeeting 2015/06

Date 19/05/2015
Time 19:30 CET
Location prometheus' place
As this ChaosMeeting was not announced by any way, none of the decisions are binding if anyone opposes to one!

Pls use our RequestTracker.

No reply yet. They wait for their executive committee to decide on the fate of hour sponsored server.

See mailing list thread: Hackerspace Update

I just got off the phone with the commune.


"It looks good."


At least another month to wait.


There was a misunderstanding last time. Not the guy I have met - Mr. R.
- but the guy working in the 'Victor Hugo Halen' has been / is on
vacation. Returning the coming Monday.

This guy will talk to FC Racing to get their stuff ASAP out of the
room(s) we have requested.

If this is done, the aldermen (Gemenge Chefen), need to sign -
unanimously - the document allowing us to move in.

A formality. They have already given their green light for us, otherwise
the room wouldn't be cleaned or we could visited it.

Keep your fingers crossed that the coming month will past fast, so we
can move in before the summer holidays.

Hold your buttholes!

We should use it as our local currency within the hackerspace. At the beginning usual cashflow should be allowed. For every person not being able to purchase BitCoins, virii will transfer € to BitCoins to a members account an (s)he can pay via QRCode. For every person that has no QRCode-enabled device, we'll provide some within the space.

The step after would be to get a BitCoin ATM.

23rd of May the anniversary will be celebrated at virii's place. There will be a Gutenberg Reader's Night + Pizza.

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