ChaosMeeting 2015/22

Date 23/11/2015
Time 20:00 CET
Location ChaosStuff
  1. ToDo
  2. Evaluation of 'Mr. Science' film shooting – metalgamer
  3. Mr Science Budget – metalgamer
  4. Evaluation of Makerspace opening – virii
  5. – virii
  6. ALUGL meetings – metalgamer
  7. Drive to recycling center – prometheus
  8. Refrigerator – rif
  9. Status of space – muling

Pls use our RequestTracker.

- Whole day of filming - We had an A-Team Van - Will be aired this Sunday at 19:00!

- We ordered Switches and CAT7 cables

- Forum Geeseknäppchen Hollerich - Last friday there was the opening - Not as many people as expected - It was ok - We will participate also on the next events, if we get invited - What aim do we have to participate in those kinds of events? What is the targeted audience?

- We contacted them again! We got the JSON format now!

- See the respecting wiki page

- Not discussed as person was not there

- We see with the space commission malinglist

- Apparently we set off the alarm! - We need to clean the sink after cleaning our dishes!!! - We will get the key for the second room, by this/next week! metalgamer will pick it up!

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