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“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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ChaosMeeting 2015/25

Date 21/12/2015
Time 20:00 CET
Location ChaosStuff


  1. ToDo
  2. order the sticker of our new project – orimpe
  3. last preparations 32C3 – orimpe
  4. do we need a digital oscilloscope? – fantawams



Pls use our RequestTracker.


orimpe will sponsor 2000 stickers for our *secret* project.

Last preparations 32C3

Stuff we will take from the chaosstuff with us to the congress:

  • 2 Freifunk Routers
  • Stickerbox
  • LAN-Cables

Digital Oscilloscope

fantawams will bring one for free!

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