ChaosMeeting 2016/01

Date 04/01/2016
Time 20:00 CET
Location ChaosStuff
  1. ToDo
  2. order the sticker of our new project – orimpe
  3. Feedback from 32C3 – orimpe
  4. Freifunk – prometheus
  5. RCSL Statuten Update – prometheus
  6. entr0py – metalgamer
  7. staatstrojaner – virii
  8. Painting – virii
  9. Trac – virii
  10. GA Date – metalgamer
  11. Logo Chaosstuff – virii

Pls use our RequestTracker.

On CM 2015/25 we decided: orimpe will sponsor 2000 stickers for our *secret* project.

orimpe need still the design.

C3L Members can use in the email tag for their Freifunk routers.

We updated our statutes at the RCSL. There were some errors, but the helpdesk was not responding. prometheus will call again.

We will cancel our regular show at Radio ARA. As mostly nobody wants to do it, as of time constraints. We will do a podcast and ask Radio ARA if they want to broadcast that after 10P.M. That would be on a irregular basis, how we feel to do it.

rm -rf

prometheus will ask for permission at the portier.

Deadline: next monday. Every member who needs an account, will get asked.

5th of March. Date setted!

It was very nice. prometheus has a new contact for the CCC Trier. Watch the talks over at

prometheus will ask k3lly to redesign it, with the Chaos logo in big.

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