ChaosMeeting 2016/13

Date 04/04/2016
Time 20:00 CEST
Location ChaosStuff
  1. News from the VDL – prometheus
  2. Emergency Contact – prometheus
  3. cryptoParty (18/05) – prometheus
  4. Atelier – prometheus
  5. Obsolete stuff – prometheus
  6. RetroGaming – martianhumorist
  7. Photo Sektioun C3Lvirii
  8. LabelWriter – metalgamer

VDL visited our Hackerspace and remind use that we shouldn't cook food and the Internet stagnates…

If an emergency happens at ChaosStuff, at an event C3L is attending to or anything else related to our clubs, please
  1. call +352–27–40–20–30
  2. send a mail to

Of course, always after having called the emergency services first; if needed.

What an emergency actually is, here, can be found in the ChaosStuff guidelines:

The 18/05/16 we will organize a cryptoParty at Rotondes 19:00.

The Lap is vacated, and should stay clean ;)

We need also:

  • 4 Multisteckdosen
  • 2 Grouss Multisteckdosen
  • Feuerlöscher prometheus
  • Farben Beleuchtung
  • Kabelkanal für Bodenverlegung
  • Funksteckdose Fernbedienung

We should sell our Obsolete stuff (like Scsi Disks, Server Power Supplies…) virii will sell stuff on Ebay.

martianhumorist had a Idea to organize a Retro LAN-Party, with old PC/Games. Everyone who have old Hardware is in demand to help.

Here is the Project: Retro-gaming

Many members are Photographers, with the "Photo Sektioun C3L" we create a coalition and do Projects like Light Painting, share nice Locations.

The LabelWriter Linux Support is BAD, feel free to improve the Wiki → labelwriter.

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