ChaosMeeting 2016/14

Date 11/04/2016
Time 20:00 CEST
Location ChaosStuff
  1. ChaosStuff @ Editus & – prometheus
  2. Budgetwatch – virii
  3. XMPP Cert – orimpe
  4. Roud Wäiss Gro – metalgamer
  5. 3D Printer – fantawams
  6. Spenden Support – fantawams
  7. Nol ob de Kapp – metalgamer
  8. – virii

orimpe will contact Editus and to insert the ChaosStuff.

Drinks and Foot is the Budget OK.
Network and Server are great at Budget (100%)
Projects budget is at 50%
The Budget of the ChaosStuff is very low…

We take 400€ from our Network budget to raise the ChaosStuff budget.

Fixed! – metalgamer

The Reporter from "Roud wäiss Gro" has contacted metalgamer to initiate the film shooting. metalgamer will meet the dude on 20.04 @ 19:30 "Am Safe" Dudelange .

The Ultimaker 2 from the Users fantawams and orimpe is now at the ChaosStuff located, in case of maintenance our 3d Printers, we will make a collective order. fantawams is takes the responsibility to maintain this order.

fantawams is 3d printing the chips, how the supporters how donate more than 20€ as archiving.

The status of our "Nol ob de Kapp" is: we collect more reasons against rcsl and get in touch with the editorial staff.

As a razzia in Luxembourg against "Cyber-crime", some medias agency (radio, tele) was call those Black Hat Hacker, generally Hacker… m(
We want to take action vs a target, to get some Media attention.

At all User, take action to create Media attention on Take a leaf of our fancy stickers and spread the world.

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