ChaosMeeting 2016/17

Date 02/05/2016
Time 20:00 CEST
Location ChaosStuff
  1. Spaco Meeting 2016-03 – orimpe
  2. Internet? – orimpe
  3. soldering kits – orimpe
  4. Rout Wäiss Gro – metalgamer
  6. inauguration
Assignment Member Deadline
Get in touch with Mr. MARX of VDL to clarify the process of Internet access. prometheus Next CM
[✓ prometheus, 2016-05-02]Get in touch with adulau to discuss '16 participation. prometheus Next CM
[✓ prometheus, 2016-05-10]Prepare inauguration invitations. prometheus 04/05/2016
Send inauguration invitations. orimpe 06/05/2016
Fix an agenda for the discussed events. Members Next CM

The Spaco Meeting is shifted on the Monday 9th Mee.

prometheus will call the VDL, to ask about the Internet. They even answer on our Mails. If nobody want call with us, prometheus will go at the VDL office to talk with the mayoress.

YES, we get some soldering kits, prometheus and orimpe will sponsor the stuff.

Outline about the RWG:

  • 33C3
  • sparkup?
  • repairecafe
  • conspiracy night
  • ChaosMeeting
  • Cryptoparty
  • And 3 times only with project of metalgamer
18-20 October 2016

There is number of members who are interested to join the


  • Lock-picking wettbewerb mit preisen
  • afterparty @ chaosstuff :D
  • torrelay meetup
  • lighting talk about "rout loucht" ~ 15min
  • with a surprise (maybe sell 3d printed stuff)

make a gift to the Circl Team

send the invitations

In the evening we play a film/doku. prometheus give a speech,

Brainstorm to get money: We organize some conspiracy nights and Gutenberg readers night, at the end of the evenings we ask for donations "pay what you want" :-P

On the next CM well take a photo and send it to Assange.

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