ChaosMeeting 2016/47

Date 12/12/2016
Time 20:00
Location ChaosStuff
Location Opening ~16:30

from ChaosMeeting 2016-46

Assignment Member Deadline
modify membership paper - minors member metalgamer 07/2016
check state of Keys fantawams 12/2016
check state of Internet fantawams 12/2016
Tripartit fantawams 01/2017

No Flora Power until the distributor provides to Luxembourg

postponed, prometheus is not present

Luc is not available, but he is our single contact person. So the access to the basement is not jet granted.

The deadline is ASAP or 31.12.2016. Every member can ask virii to get funding for there projects.

The guys are in congee, our Internet plan is on pause…
more info here Internet

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