ChaosMeeting 2017/07

Date 13/02/2017
Time 20:00
Location ChaosStuff
Location Opening ~16:15

from ChaosMeeting 2017-06

Assignment Member Deadline
upload ChaosStuff sound file metalgamer 03/2017
check state of Internet fantawams 02/2017
Installation of RTTracker NOC 03/2017
If someone want to share his events, this calender u can use to. cryptopartys etc…

Everyone who have a task @Chaosstuff, pls contact prometheus so he can compile a list.

We dont need the social contract, because the members are agree our Statutes (with the membership form) but the members have to sign the Manifesto and our Guidelines.

We need the Phone and mail address of Kim (the designer), by the way we create a ML.

We got some magazine from metalgamer, feel free to read it.

metalgamer can probably get a sofa for free, more infos are follow.

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