General Assembly 2013

Date: 1st of March 2013 (Confirmation Proof)

Hour: 8 PM

Where: syn2cat Hackerspace

  1. Welcome Speech: 2012 in review & 2013 in preview (by prometheus)
  2. Financial Report of the exercise 2012 by virii
  3. Discharge of the treasurer by the financial auditors
  4. Modifications of the statutes
    • Proposition - Discussion - Vote
  5. Election of a new committee
    • Member of the committee
      • None yet so far
    • Candidatures for Secretary
      • None yet so far
    • Candidatures for Treasurer
  6. Election of a new president
  7. Misc

The order of the day can be change until the 1st of March 2013 @ 6 PM. Everything else should be treated on the day itself under the point 'Misc'.

The statutes are available in French (Original) as in English as well.

All my statute modifications be looked up here.

All my status modifications be looked up here.

At the GA, there's a vote if the committee members should be acquitted of their position.
The vote is positiv by simple majority. If the vote is negativ the redemption clause takes place.

The redemption clause

A voted member in the committee must make amends for not or incompletly covering his tasks if there's no
acceptable reason. First a deadline is voted in which the committee member must completly solve his tasks.
If the committe member can't accomplish this, the following options are available:
<del>* Paying a compensation which covers the damage of the undone tasks.</del>
* Time ban from the committee. Can varie from 1-3 years. 
* Retirement of his current position.
* Exclusion from the club can be enforced.

The deadline vote is set up by the committee except the concerned member.
The nature of the amend is also taken by the committee except the concerned member.
Options can be combined.

Present members: 8 + 1 (by procuration)
Members in total: 14

  1. The discharge of the treasurer has been agreed on by the financial auditors, the administrative council and the General Assembly.
  2. The modifications of the statutes have been discussed and voted on. The new adaptions can be looked up here. The present members have agreed on to correct typos over the week to come after the GA, send the new corrected version to all members and if there would be no objections, finally deposing them.
  3. The new administrative council has been voted as follows:
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