CRG 2014/01

Date 14/11/2014
Time 19h00
Location prometheus's place
  • ToDo
  • Event 18/11/2014
  • CCTV
  • FNF Demo

Please, review all CRG - ToDo and update them.

  • The event has been postponed to the 27/01/2014.
  • We will award some politicians / government officials with BigBrother Awards!
  • There is a real need to have some more experts and activists aboard, in order to explain neutrally, but in detail, why the nominees have been chosen.
  • Categories: (Ex)-Government Officials / Politicians & Private Sector
  • Is it possible that virii is organizing this?
  • An after-socializing party?!
  • We'll get an appointment with the new CNPD director in December.
  • The FNF website will get a new static website.
  • There will be one initial meeting with the listed attendees 20th of December 2014.

We'll invite the following associations and political parties to join the organizational team of FNF. There is no intention to exclude any association or party whatsoever, so, please add any other of which you think we should get in touch with.

Political Parties


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