Project Hydroponic
Description Building and maintaining a hydroponic installation for our gardening nerds ;)
Type Drip Recovery
Status Discontinued → Successful results
Funding [100%] of 185€
Contact virii
Participants: virii

Currently: Fatalii yellow
In the Past: Lemon Drop Chili

This project has been abandoned as we had to tear down the whole installation by request of the commune. The facility manager said that the housecleaner got headaches from our installation. We know that this is a very poor statement (no one else got headache, everything is enclosed in a growbox and the chemicals that are used by the housecleaner are way more harmful) but nevertheless we decided to make room for other projects and installation in the Lab.

2018/11/07 15:09 · virii

A new version has been installed. As you see on the photos, we decided to grow the plant in a Growbox. Turns out that the shelf we used in first place was way to tight. In its new home the chili has all the space it needs to develop. Oh and we switched to Fatalii yellow.

2017/11/06 23:11 · virii

Sadly this chili didn't make it. After months of hope that it would grow larger I saw that the roots had been very much damaged. Nothing would have saved it. So I will probably replace the Lemon Drop by a smaller plant. Royal Black comes to my mind.

2017/11/06 23:06 · virii
  • Carve nearly all of the lid off in order to stuck the Air-Pot in it.
  • Drill a hole into the barrel which should just be big enough to get the hoses trough.
  • Connect the corresponding hoses with the air pump, water pump.
  • Put the perlite in the Air-Pot.
  • Connect the hoses of the micro drip system on Air-Pot.
  • Flood the perlite with water. (This will remove all the dirt which would block up the water pump)
  • Throw the dirt water away.
  • Plant your seedling.
  • Position your UV lamp approx. 20cm over your seedling.
  • Use a plug-in-timer to start your Hydroponic construction. Your Hydroponic should run at least for 12 hours straight.
  • Dehumidifier is a must if you can't open windows in your room.


Optimal PH level for growing chilies lies between 5,2 - 5,6.


Optimal EC level lies between 600-800 µs/cm for seedlings.
After a month you can go up to 1300-1500 µs/cm.

First version

5090044.jpg 5090045.jpg 5090047.jpg

Second version

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