Molecular Construction Device aka. UltiMaker

The Molecular Construction Device is a 3D Printer from the company UltiMaker. We have just altered the name, to give it a bit more of a geekier touch related to Stargate SG-1.

We will perhaps buy the Ultimaker3, if money allows it ;-) .

Why the Ultimaker3?

* It has the same precision as his predecessor but with 2 nozzels from the start.
* The nozzles are far easier to change than on the Ultimaker 2 and the cooling was improved.
* You can heat the nozzle up to 280 degrees, which makes it possible to use even an bigger variety of materials.
* You can finally use the printing over the USB-port not just over SD-card.

owner device reference
C3L UM1 Ultimaker original
provided by fantawams and orimpe UM2 Ultimaker 2

Thanks to one of our members - who made us aware of the opportunity the commune of Esch-Uelzecht has been offering - we have participated on the "KUFA-Workshops 2013" (Flyer PDF) event in end of August of '13.

The C3L was at the Kniwelfest present, a little Makerfair event located in Echternach. The two printers was printing the hole day and many people was fascinated by the devices…

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