ChaosStuff Inauguration

Date 05/11/2016
Time 14:00 CEST
Venue ChaosStuff
Description Official inauguration of ChaosStuff
Contact prometheus, orimpe & virii
Participants Every member
cleaning the ChaosStuff in the morning 10:00 AM
Visitors Opening time, 14:00
official opening 16:00 with a guide tour
Time Bar Food Tours 3D-Printer Soldering Lockpicking
14:00-15:00 metalgamer fantawams orimpe
15:00-16:00 metalgamer fantawams rif orimpe martianhumorist
16:00-17:00 orimpe rif fantawams metalgamer martianhumorist
17:00-18:00 orimpe fantawams metalgamer
18:00-19:00 metalgamer fantawams
19:00-20:00 metalgamer fantawams

We ( virii ) buy pain surprise, “Riesling Paschtéitchen”. orimpe buy the piccolini.
We need more glasses…
orimpe bring a Icemaker.
rif æbleskiver (crêpe en boule)
fantawams makes Baconmuffins.

Pressspeech: Speech length is 5-10min with stories of the c3l past, guidance around the ChaosStuff. Press become more time, we talk about our manifesto ideas, review the best press articles,factsheet for the press, about the ccc/c3l. Emphasis ChaosStuff “who we are” What is a Hacker! We should explain “white hat, grey hat, black hat” hacker? FVDE and the Repair cafe introduction.

  • Last Cleanup
  • Fond de Caissevirii
  • Wash *ALL* the dirty dishes
  • Filling up the fridge
  • Hang signsmetalgamer will bring the signs
  • Prepare the chairs
  • Prepare the workshops
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