ChaosMeeting 2018/07

Date 26/03/2018
Time 20:00
Location ChaosStuff
Location Opening ~16:00
Administrative Council Attendees metalgamer, virii
Minutes Recording metalgamer

Was sent out!

We will do a budget request queue in the request tracker with custom fields.

Our press number needs to be pointed to the numbers of virii and metalgamer

metalgamer was added and prometheus was removed.

Postponed to next meeting.

See Chaosmeeting 2018/03.


metalgamer asked to get an introduction to administrate things in the request tracker, so that virii doesn't need to do it alone. Will be done in the future.

To get wildcard certificates from Let's encrypt, we need to run our DNS server. See here why. Will be done in the long future.

deflenken will subscribe us to the Public Money, Public Code project.

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