ChaosMeeting 2021/15

Date 11/10/2021
Time 20:00
Location ChaosStuff
Administrative Council Attendees: metalgamer, virii, xbr
Minutes Recording xbr
    • Worked a lot on the wiki
    • New wiki plugin: Faster Dokuwiki Plugin, makes the wiki faster, adds quality of life modifications
    • Grocy for Stock. We'll add a stock system in the future
    • fixed SpaceAPI
  • xbr:
    • Re-setup the ZigBee Pi (Raspbian, deCONZ)
    • Fixed ZigBee LED strip (lights up with space status)
    • is now part of the (local Stuff) NOC
    • Re-added the ZigBee sensors with his zigbee to mqtt script
    • Added a Killswitch in the lab
    • Fixed DECT stuff

We might do a social event sometime soon. It's probably not for this year, but if you wanna hold a presentation, you might wanna start thinking about possible ideas.

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