ChaosMeeting 2023/01

Date 16/01/2023
Time 20:30
Location ChaosStuff
Location Opening 16:57
Administrative Council Attendees: metalgamer, virii, xbr
Minutes Recording xbr
  • Annual General Assembly 2023 – xbr
  • Freifunk – fantawams

The annual GA usually happen soon (end Feb./start Mar.), we should decide on a date range (e.g. Feb 18 - Mar 5) and then create a poll to get the exact date.

The range is Feb 20 - Mar 10. We have to announce the date 4 weeks in advance, and it has to be before Mar 17 (deadline of VDL subsidy).

A mail will soon follow with the poll link.

Yearly update, among other things:

  • we're shutting down our Hetzner root servers and moving to netcup VPSes to save money
  • Ansible is mostly working
  • we're gonna try naming the hosts in a coherent manner
  • we're gonna try to migrate away from WordPress for the website
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