ChaosMeeting 2024/03

Date 11/03/2024
Time 20:00
Location mumble
Administrative Council Attendees: metalgamer, xbr
Minutes Recording xbr

As is tradition, on the first CM after the GA, people are "elected" or rather put themselves forward to volunteer in the Space Commission, which nowadays mostly focuses on the purchasing of food and drinks.

The following members are volunteering:

We need to find a Saturday to meet up. On this first Meet Up, we'll start out by cleaning.

We considered sending around a Nextcloud poll, but we decided to just find a date that's convenient for the present (in this meeting) members: April 20th.

We needed to decide on when (time) to start, the time of 2PM was thrown around, with open end.

Theres a bunch of stuff we need to throw away or put away or reorganize, including older 1W+ resistors, a bunch of electronic components, etc.

orimpe has 2 outstanding refunds: Freifunk VPN and Freifunk SSD for the Freifunk ZOTAC computer.

Sadly virii is not present. orimpe will try (again) to contact virii directly

Has been fully reimbursed even before the CM started. As it was done by wiretransfer to another bank it will take until tomorrow to actually show up on his account. - virii

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