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Project Freifunk
Description Public WiFi done right!
Status Running
Contact metalgamer & orimpe
Participants: prometheus & deflenken & fantawams

The freifunk community is part of a global movement for free infrastructure and open frequencies. Our vision is the democratization of the media through free networks. Free wireless communities implement this idea worldwide. from Freifunk website

We host and run the Luxembourgian Freifunk network (gateways, website etc). To stay up to date about Freifunk Luxembourg you should visit our official dedicated website under

To organize the freifunk project we are holding Freifunk Meetups.


You can support Freifunk Lëtzebuerg in different ways:

  1. Setup a FreiFunk Node → How to setup my own FreiFunk node
  2. Buy a pre-configured node at cost price → Pre-configured FreiFunk nodes
  3. Do a donation→ Donations
  4. Do a donation by buying a T-shirt
  5. Help us run the project and get in contact with us
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