A club can only live with members and money.

A simple overview of fund-able projects has now been created. So if you want to help us finishing projects or to kick-start new ones then please go ahead. Check out our current projects and decide by yourself what you want to actively support. No project found that you are interested in? Join us and launch it by yourself!

We accept Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, cash via mail and of course wire transfers!

Account-Holder: Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg
IBAN: LU29 0019 2855 3890 4000
Communication: Donation $PROJECTNAME

You can of course also donate without specifying a project!

BTC address: 3BV5UPToMUmXJiqUVndHjSSq2HqDW8npRd

hex: 0x1C05b4C236914B218B57e0E25948d416B4885655

Monero address: 44e5Zx1XSkPQYfk8wjDNVM4ErZczbAwsBQjYMzJPjZTKHN7wPbLNVuUNAyXzftjokhGpgTWbETpNNZsCqybFcrKhHBZB5eR

Of course you can also donate without specifying a certain project!


See the Membership page.

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