The membership is open to every person who would like to be an effective member of the organization. C3L actually differs between effective members whom have the right to vote on the (Extraordinary) General Assembly and the support members whom wish only to support and thus have no voting right on EGAs.

Fill out the membership form and become an active supporter of civil rights!

We differentiate two types of memberships. Regular memberships and supporting memberships.

Becoming a supporting or regular member, gives you some benefits. You can get access to the following online services:

You also get access to our hackerspace: ChaosStuff. This includes using the provided tools in the space, aka soldering iron, 3D Printer etc… Also you can help us working on our projects and do your own.

As a member, you can collaborate on our events and organise our own events with the association. You can help us writing press articles, visit other hackerspaces and go on international events with us.

Last but not least, you help us, fighting for the good cause and greater good, defending our digital rights and civil liberties.

Becoming a regular member, you gain the following benefits, additional to those listed above:

  • Voting rights on general assemblys
  • Access to our internal mailinglist

The membership fee for a regular membership is at least 120€ per year for people with a regular income and 40€ per year for pupils and students. The supporting memberhip is at least 40€ per year. Starving hackers (people who cannot affort the membership) are always welcome to send us an e-mail or come and talk to us and we'll surely find a solution.

C3L is a non-profit or­ga­ni­za­tion and thus, lives from its membership fees and donations. The financial support helps the or­ga­ni­za­tion to cover costs which are essential to run the club (e.g. funding projects or buying hardware that is shared within club members).

We encourage you to come a few times along to the chaosmeetings and have a look around before becoming a member, this should give you the chance to take the right decision for yourself without being over-hasty.

Becoming a member is very easy. Just fill out this online membership form and send it to or print it and bring it to us in person, either at a event or come to our hackerspace: ChaosStuff.

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