ChaosMeeting 2016/18

Date 08/05/2016
Time 20:00 CEST
Location ChaosStuff
  1. take a Photo to stand with Assange
  2. Cryptoparty (18.05) – chrëscht
  3. Young & Oldtimerday – fantawams
  4. Devuan Mirror

from ChaosMeeting 2016-17

Assignment Member Deadline
Get in touch with Mr. MARX of VDL to clarify the process of Internet access. prometheus Next CM
[✓ prometheus, 2016-05-02]Get in touch with adulau to discuss '16 participation. prometheus Next CM
[✓ prometheus, 2016-05-10]Prepare inauguration invitations. prometheus 04/05/2016
Send inauguration invitations. orimpe 06/05/2016
Fix an agenda for the discussed events. Members Next CM

We should record the talks and upload it to youtube.
Some Talks brainstorm:


"Bob" organize a Young & Oldtimerday at Steesel 26-27 Juni.
External Link

We are now a official Devuan mirror.

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