ChaosMeeting 2017/02

Date 09/01/2017
Time 20:00
Location ChaosStuff
Location Opening ~16:30

from ChaosMeeting 2017-01

Assignment Member Deadline
modify membership paper - minors member metalgamer 07/2016
check state of Internet fantawams 02/2017
check our flyer all users 16/01/2017

entr0py encore
28th Januar 14:00 @ metalgamer's home.

Annual General Assembly 2017 is 11th Mars 2017 start 14:00 (and afterwards the FVDE GA)

The Ruppert, have Fritz Cola, but the didn't sell Flora Power…
So official: we can't buy Flora in Luxembourg.

Jeff is alive and want to record a session about Amazon Echo. We should create a pad and work together.
"Die 6. No-Spy Konferenz findet vom 19.-21.5.2017 statt."
prometheus is reserved the Hotel.

  • Stickers for the window 500pcs are ordered,
  • Flyer and our Stickers are ready to order, but until the CM2017-03 we have to double check the Text on our flyers. AND order!
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