Annual General Assembly - February 2024

Date 24th of February 2024
Hour 18h00 CET
Where ChaosStuff
  1. Welcome speech
  2. Activity Report 2023
  3. Financial Report 2023
    1. Auditing Report
    2. Budget 2024
  4. Commission Reports
    1. Press Commission
    2. Space Commission
  5. Statute Amendments
  6. Review & Foresight by metalgamer
  7. Elections
    1. Financial Auditors
    2. Commissions
      1. Press Commission
    3. Administrative Council
      1. Secretary & Treasurer
      2. President
  8. Miscellaneous
  9. Closing Event

Note: The order of the day can be changed until the 9th of Feb 2024 at 23h59.

(started at 18:06)

metalgamer: Welcome to the C3L's GA. This probably wont take too long. As always, we'll start with the activity report

metalgamer: We didn't have much: 5 ChaosMeetings, a few MeetUps, and a Friefunk Meetup, and a GA. Out of various reasons. We'll talk about it later in the foresight. We also didn't have much press. That's it for the activity report

*everyone claps*

metalgamer: Its now virii's tour, for the financial report

virii: Please wait a moment… please wait moment…

virii: We have a plus of 37.70€, the smallest plus we've ever had, but not minus.

virii: Most of it has been donations, incl. VDL subsides, 340€ of non-subsides donations. Consumption (food and drinks) was 270€

virii: Insurance is by far our biggest expense, at over 800€ and it keeps increasing.

(destroyer enters)

Auditing Report

fantawams: We didnt find any mistakes, its all OK.

Budget 2024

virii: It looks a bit grim, generally, the less activity the less income. More activity = more income, this includes any events like the Makerfaire.

virii: As every year, if you need money, you can ask for it.

Press Commission

metalgamer: Not much to say only April, May and ?. (todo metalgamer) virii: I published a report on (?), the goal was Luxembourg being confirm with the european law.

metalgamer: I answered to a Tageblatt request in regards to DNS blocking from Russia Today (RT).

Generally, we didn't receive many requests.

Space Commissions

metalgamer: Not much to say because we didn't do much.

metalgamer: There were none this year.


metalgamer: Review was done during the introduction.


metalgamer: During the last two ChaosMeetings this year, we asked around in regards to which day we should meet. There was a poll, and the outcome was that during the week isn't ideal because of reasons, and so for projects, we'd rather meet up Saturdays in the space. Noting that ChaosMeetings keep taking place Mondays, but remotely instead of in-person.

The room plays a big role, and if the room isn't ready, it doesn't invite people to work. We need to find a date to start tidying up the space.

I do not find it too worrying, as spaces have up and down cycles.

Financial Auditors

orimpe 13 YAY / 0 NAY / 0 MEH
fantawams 13 YAY / 0 NAY / 0 MEH


Press Commission
Candidate Votes
metalgamer 10 YAY / 0 NAY / 1 MEH
virii 11 YAY / 0 NAY / 0 MEH

Administrative Council


Candidate Votes
virii 11 YAY / 0 NAY / 0 MEH


Candidate Votes
xbr 11 YAY / 0 NAY / 0 MEH


Candidate Votes
metalgamer 10 YAY / 0 NAY / 1 MEH


(closing event starts at 7:30)

(GA closed at 18:52)

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