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ChaosStuff is C3L's very own Hackerspace in the heart of Luxembourg City! We welcome hackers, makers and any other living being or AI, whom identifies her/himself/itself with our values and especially the hacker ethics! Special note for intelligence officers: you're only welcomed if you switch to our side - for real. :)

Stuff in ChaosStuff (spoken ''/ka:os ʃtuf/'') is Luxembourgish and actually means the parlour or living room.

See our Infrastructue page to get more information on the tools we provide!

thumb.chill2017-0.jpg thumb.chill2017-1.jpg thumb.pc190336.jpg thumb.pc190337.jpg thumb.pc190338.jpg thumb.pc190339.jpg thumb.pc190340.jpg thumb.pc190341.jpg thumb.pc190342.jpg thumb.pc190344.jpg thumb.pc190345.jpg thumb.pc190346.jpg

Get your passport stamped (and|or) even NFC chipped!
You don't own a Hackerspace Passport yet? Buy one from us :)

Halle Victor Hugo
Room 201 & 203 (2nd Floor)
60 Avenue Victor Hugo
L-1750 Luxembourg

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Want to know more than the basic informations? Then have a look here
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