ChaosMeeting 2024/05

Date 13/05/2024
Time 19:00
Location nextcloud
Administrative Council Attendees: metalgamer, virii, xbr
Minutes Recording xbr
  • Finances - virii
  • Forward the CM by 1 hour - virii

Moving the CM forward by an hour enables more members to participate in the CM. Considering the CM is now online instead of in-person, moving it forward by an hour is possible.

We had to pay the insurance which is about 900 EUR. We esentially spend all of our subsides on it. Considering members don't visit the space much, we do not have much food or drinks income either. Thus, most of the income is membership and subsides, and the occasional donation.

Our current standing is 251€.


According to a member, another ASBL doesn't spend nowhere near as much on insurance: about 16€. We spend about 900 EUR, but we might not need everything.

If we want to do anything about the insurance, we have to cancel it at the start of September.

Other ASBLs seems to pay considerably less, so we'll take contact with the Entente in regards to what we should do.

Visual Online

We used to spend 96€ on Visual Online. We're reducing that by 24€ as we removed most extensions.

Freifunk - xbr

On the Freifunk side, we have to change VPN and hosting providers.

The VPN has to be moved from to Mullvad before June 17:

Your Premium plan is active and will expire on Monday, June 17, 2024 at 12:20 AM UTC

Moving to BuyVM (from netcup) and Mullvad (from allows us to have servers hosted in Luxembourg, while also being slightly cheaper.

Next ChaosMeeting is June 3, at 7PM on NextCloud.

Next MeetUp is June 22, starting around 2PM (check the chat)

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