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“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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ChaosMeeting Minutes - 22/08/2014


  • ToDo
  • 31C3
  • RepairCafé
  • Linux Install enquiry
  • Letters to all Media Instituions
  • Namecoin Wallet
  • Last Summer Dance




  • We should book now, even if a lot of people don't know yet if they can, as even if we can't go, we can cancel the booking without costs or very little costs
  • Will eventually go:
    • kahpa
    • metalgamer
    • ch4rel
    • slopjong
    • prometheus


  • Will go:
    • prometheus
    • slopjong
    • k3lly


  • 26-28 September at the Oekofoire
  • We will go on the 28th as on the 27th there is the FNF Demo
  • Will go:
    • prometheus
    • metalgamer
    • virii

Linux Install Enquiry

  • The person from quitter asked us to get informed about how to install linux & stuff
  • We will get in touch with him, when we do a meeting in the north where he cloud join! (prometheus)

Letters to all Media-Institution

  • Our mails to the media institutions land very often in the spam folder
  • We will write a physical letter to the institutions that they should look into their spam folder

Namecoin Wallet

  • We will create on as kahpa already has registered c3l.bit and he would donate it with some namecoins (virii)

Last Summer Dance

  • We will do the same presentation as at the “Reclaim the net” conference but shorter and a discussion afterwards
  • Date: 30.08.2014
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