ChaosMeeting Minutes - 2014/01/06

- Trier

We are looking forward to a good cooperation with the CCC Trier and will try to get to there meetings once a month. Probably we'll have to shift our meeting then from Monday to Wednesday that particular day.

We will not establish our new home base there, though.

- Finances

Though our financial situation, which is not the best, we'll stay with our membership fees. We have discussed several income possibilities:

  1. events like XMAS market (which brought in quite a lot)
  2. re-opening our shop as soon as the website is online again

(there have been a few requests)

  1. trying to get new members with the help of specific actions

(cyrptoParties, etc.)

  1. Offering membership cards (donation members)for 10€ to 20€

(without a right to vote)

- Server

We need a new server (again). We'll probably head of to VisualOnline ( as they are not to expensive, reliable and back here in Luxembourg. We still need to wait 'til the end of the month.

Why a new server? As the other one is not really affordable at the moment and we had a lot of troubles with the system setup. Scaling back, establishing a base line, building up again is now the course.

- Double Membership

We discussed the possibility of applying for a double membership as well. As Frënn vun der Ënn A.S.B.L. is a sub-project of C3L, we discussed the possibility to offer a membership in both clubs.

Persons with a regular income: 150€
Students / Starving hackers: 70€

- UltiMaker

Charel will take the UltiMaker with him back home to work with it.

- Ettelbreck

virii will represent C3L on a meeting with the commune of Ettelbruck regarding a security conference. This security conference may offer us some opportunities regarding more publicity for our projects and may be even some more supportive members.

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