SpaCo 2016/01

Date 13/02/2016
Time 15:00 CET
Location ChaosStuff

virii complains that the Spaco doesn't show much activity. We concluded that we should meet every 6 weeks on saturdays.

Next meetings are:

  • 2nd april at 20:00
  • 7th may at 20:00
  • 18 june at 20:00
  • 30 july at 20:00

We will order 10 crates Club Mate Cola at Herresthal and ask if they are willing to order flora power. nadine will phone on monday.

prometheus will stick to getting a cellar.

If we get orders from Heintz, we will ask our concierge if he can let him in.

virii asked if we should stock noodles, rice etc… They would be sold against a small obolus.

nadine will go buy some.

virii brought a immersion heater. We need to build a construction that the heater doesn't touch the ground of the plastic box.

virii asked if we should order kaowach. We decided that this is not needed. If someone would like to have some ask virii as he will order some start sets for himself.

virii asked if he could use the shelf in the chill, for his hydroponics project. We accepted this request.

The commune received our letter for the internet. Mister Marx send an positive answer. Mister Marx will forward the message to the commune council. So maybe in 3 weeks we will get a go from the commune.

virii will buy the shelves for building the bar.

For the moment we will not buy one, as there is not that much need for it.

orimpe will buy wood for building the radioator covers.

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