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“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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ChaosMeeting Minutes - 01/05/2014


  • prometheus
    • BigBrother - Standby
    • Reclaim the Net Conference
    • Flyer (1st June '14)
    • Mail Server - OnHold
  • prometheus & k3lly
    • Shop - Ongoing Process (> 60% done)
  • muling
    • Certs
    • Last Summer Dance - In Process
  • Everyone
    • Wiki


  1. Review of last meetings ToDo
  2. entr0py: Choosing Topic
  5. Reclaim the Net Conference
  7. Shop


Last meetings ToDo

Review of last meetings ToDo

entr0py: Choosing Topic

Done. Look here.

  • The domain will be registered with C3L.
  • There will be a Wordpress set-upped.
  • prometheus will manage this.

We'll stick with the landing page and the wiki as it is.

Reclaim the Net Conference

  • Getting in touch with déi Lénk to check if we could use the name and domain “Reclaim the Net”.
  • 4 times a year. Venue: Carré Rotondes (Exit07).
  • Topics: cryptoParty, Round tables, lectures and so on.
  • Proposing this to Yves from Exit07. should result in a resourceful wiki page with the comparison of existing proprietary software to alternative ones. Like


We look forward to the cooperation with

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