ChaosMeeting 2015/17

Date 04/09/2015
Time 20:00 CEST
Location virii's place
  1. ToDo
  2. ChaosStuff Room Names – prometheus
  3. Refugees Welcome to Luxembourg – prometheus
  4. Get our shit together – virii
  5. Master of Calendar – prometheus
  6. Press Release / Action: Luxembourg & Micro$oft – prometheus
  7. 4G-Auto – prometheus
  8. MakerFair at Rouspert – prometheus
  9. Wiki Resconstruction – prometheus
  10. entr0py – prometheus
  11. RTL Interview Request – prometheus
  12. EGA – metalgamer

Pls use our RequestTracker.

  • Edward's Loft
  • Chelsea's Cabin

Please make some suggestions for the two rooms we have. Send them per mail to the intern mailinglist. We might get also a third room. We need to decide on the types of rooms (lab, chill etc …)

prometheus asked for some pi's to donate for Refugees welcome.

metalgamer will provide 3 AP's for the space to provide Freifunk.

The NOC will look into ChaosVPN, to provide it to our members.

We will concetrate on the ChaosStuff for the next 6 months and not do any other projects.

The calendar should only contain the main events. One person should be responsible for the calendar. virii will do this.

We wanted to do a PR. prometheus wants to do more. Maybe do some action with a PR. We got the PR stuff from FSFE, so we should use it. Maybe present to the Minister of Education the Open Standards etc…

Maybe provide software packages for students.

prometheus emphazises that we should get a meeting with the Minister of Education. kahpa emphasizes that we should provides workshop for students, teachers … on how to use Open Source Projects.

prometheus will provide a document which will resume to whole discussion.

We got a request from the Youth Center from Käerjeng to do a project with them. They want to build a remote control using the 4G network, to drive a small toy offroad car (RC car). If you are interested, do so on the mailingslist.

  • Invite them to [h]ackyard 2016

There will be a "Kniwwelfest" (Makerfaire) at Rouspert. The organizers asked us, if we would be there for showing some stuff. It is the 20th septembre. Maybe some 3D printing, lockpicking some self-build antennas. If you're interested, write a mail to intern mailinglist.

prometheus is reconstructing the wiki. Provide some feedback, how you find it.

deflenken and metalgamer will ask Radio Ara to get a key. If we can do it, we will prerecord shows at metalgamers place!

RTL does a Top-Thema about secure payment systems (DigiCash etc…). We will not do it.

19 September at prometheus place at 16:00.

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