ChaosMeeting 2015/6

Date 22/08/2015
Time 20:00 CEST
Location virii's place

Pls use our RequestTracker.

  • Early-Bird: 2 weeks before official ticket release for C3L members
  • Maximum: 40 persons (30 available official tickets)
  • Entertainment:
    • MakerTalks
    • Fixed timetable for lectures & workshops
    • Available time slots for self-organized sessions
  • TRAC –> Project Management Tool
  • Family Village: on the official camping site itself
  • metalgamer will keep up2date
  • 1st of October Deadline
  • Open letter about 'OpenData' will be published on NeiLand Blog
  • A press release about Digital4Education will be published to the press a week later
  • everyone will gather more information about this
  • if in favour, we'll start a 'compaign' as in 'C3L stands with…'
  • The wiki will be completely refurbished.
  • Deadline: Mid of September
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