Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg

“Chaos in the world brings uneasiness, but it also allows the opportunity for creativity and growth.” -- Tom Barret

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Interested in what we do and want to support us? Get in touch!

C3L's independence from all entities, in order to act as objectively as possible on matters, is one of our highest goods. We're glad we have partners accepting this and supporting us.

City of Luxembourg

Thanks to the City of Luxembourg (VDL) we were able to move into our first, very own hackerspace, named ChaosStuff. The facilities have been offered us free of charge. In return we provide free events like the Repair Café or offer different courses. For details, have a loot at our events page.

Visual Online

Visual Online is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and hosting company in Luxembourg. We have been first in contact with them in February 2015. Since July 2015 they are supporting our cause with a donated server at no costs.

Carré Rotondes

Carré Rotondes has offered us their infrastructure multiple times over the past few years (since early 2014).

Librairie ABC

A local, small and Hacker friendly book shop in downtown Esch-Uelzecht. They have sponsored several times the books for our yearly auction.

I Am The Cavalary

A global community, sharing and discussing potential digitial security topics.

Former Partnerships

Radio ARA

Radio ARA offered us a spot for a monthly radio show, “entr0py”. Treated topics were of all different kinds; starting with IT-Security to political business with a special regard to the age of digital information, as the heaviest bugfucks of the month, the analysis of technologies in its detail and much more.

Sadly, we had to cancel the radio show and our active partnership with Radio ARA, due to the associations lack of time in order to endeavor new projects and technologies.

After all, we still support Radio ARA wherever possible, and recommend everyone to tune in and listen to their most diverse set of music, shows and hosts!

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