entr0py is the official radio show of C3L aired live from Radio ARA. We're on air every 4th week, so nearly once a month. The topics we're treating are widespreaded and of all different kinds of nature; from ITSecurity to the cyberpolitical realities in all of our live, the heaviest bugfucks of the month, as the analysis of technologies in its detail. CC-BY-SA-NC

The name entr0py has come from virii within a jam session to find a name. Our team consists of 2 - 3 people who'll attend regulary in the shows. For the rest we'll have all different sorts of guests or interviews for our listeners.

Sometimes the 60 minutes on air are just not enough to cover some topics in detail, that's why we decided to just keep on on recording, even when the timeframe has been pushed over the boundaries. The additional minutes or hours can be found as well here on the wiki, but as podcast.

If you'd like to contact the team of entr0py, come along or bring in your topic and questions, just contact us or come along on our ChaosMeetings.

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More impression of entr0py can be looked at in our Gallery.

As any radio show, entr0py has of course a Jingle of its own and a logo as well.

Some topics are being discussed more than others. If this happens, we try to record an 'extended' version of entr0py, which we have named Bare Metal. This is a podcast, in which all attendees discuss in a loose atmosphere topic(s) with the simple exception that everything is being recorded and put online. Very interesting for all those who want to have more technical details, but for which the the 1 hour show is simply no enough.

Below, you can read all details about the single recorded shows, as with artist information about our songs. Every show is available as podcast as well.

Subject Airing Status*
000 entr0py & VX-Scene 2012/09/01 Deployed
001 C3L Projects 2012/09/29 Deployed
002 Cryptoparty 2012/10/27 Deployed
003 The culture behind WarXing 2012/11/24 Deployed
004 Shake the JukeBox - Volume 1 2012/12/22 Deployed
005 Hack the plug(s) 2013/01/19 Deployed
006 Bash the trash - Volume 1 2013/02/16 Deployed
007 Shake the JukeBox - Volume 2 2013/03/16 Deployed
008 Frënn vun der Ënn - Bringing anonymity into your country 2013/05/11 Deployed
009 Bash the trash - Volume 2 2013/07/06 Deployed
010 Print your ideas / Freedom Not Fear 2013 2013/09/28 Deployed
011 BitMessage vs. XMPP 2013/10/26 Deployed
012 NSA & its rat tail 2013/11/23 Deployed
013 30C3 2013/12/21 Deployed
014 Shake the JukeBox - Volume 3 2014/02/15 Deployed
015 Hacky Mashup - Volume 1 2014/03/15 Deployed
016 Make Freedom. Not Fear. 2014/04/12 Deployed
017 P(ortable) D(emoliton) F(ormat) and D(oes) O(ften) C(rash) X(times) 2014/05/10 Deployed
018 StopTafta 2014/06/07 Deployed
019 Hacky Mashup - Volume 2 2014/07/05 Deployed
020 Li(v/f)e from HaxoGreen 2014/08/02 Deployed
021 2014/08/30 Deployed
022 Freedom Not Fear 2014/09/27 Deployed
023 Hacky Mashup - Volume 3 2014/10/25 Deployed
024 History of Hacking 2014/11/22 Deployed
025 2014 in hackers review 2014/12/20 Deployed
026 31C3 2015/01/17 Deployed
027 And the alternative goes to…! 2015/03/14 Deployed
028 Reliable News Sources 2015/04/11 Deployed
029 Trusted Computing 2015/05/09 LIVE
030 Hacky Mashup - Volume 4 2015/09/26 Deployed
031 Technikphilosophie 2015/10/24 Prerecord

To listen / download the shows online have a look at the corresponding page or visit our DownloadBase.

Almost in every iteration of entr0py, we accommodate visitors, whom give us detailed information about a treated subject in the show. A summary of important information for studio visitors can be found below:

Date The one the entr0py team has informed you about.
Time Generally, we'll always meet up at around 12h30 PM - at the latest - in front / inside Radio ARA.
Topic Look at the specific wiki page, using your date as reference point.
Address 2, Rue de la Boucherie, L-1247, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Europe (Second floor, above Urban Bar / Restaurant)

As running a radio show is quite a trivial task on the one hand and a complex one on the other, we have dedicated a full wiki page only to this task - and it was much needed.

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