entr0py Encore

Den Technologie Podcast fir Lëtzebuerg!
Project entr0py Encore
Description Den Technologie Podcast fir Lëtzebuerg, gëtt iech zerwéiert vum Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg!
Status Running
Contact metalgamer
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Number Title Release Date Status
001 3D-Printing 20/02/2017 Released
002 Ave, Chaos, morituri te salutant 04/04/2020 Released
003 5G 22/04/2020 Released
004 Yes, I'm a criminal 16/05/2020 Released
005 Copyrightreform 01/02/2021 Released
006 Mediekompetenz 23/09/2021 Released
007 Freifunk XX/XX/2022 Planning

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