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There exist a guideline for using our Hackerspace. Yes we encourage creating a TAZ (Temporary Autonomous Zone) but when a bunch of hackers come together and as everyone has a different point of view what "cleaning" and being "excellent" to each other means - this seemed necessary.

The Space Commission (SpaCo) is a group of 5 people whom have volunteered for the task of managing ChaosStuff as facility.

Two rooms. Two keys. If you'd like to have them, please get in touch with or pop by at a ChaosMeeting. Owning only one key and still being able to access both rooms is possible. Both rooms are in possession of the respective key of the other room. One key on the keyring means less weight for you and less probability to lose the second one. The choice is yours.


  1. Become/Be a member of the association.
  2. Put in a key request query to the SpaCo, supplying 'read and approved' and signed copies of the follwing documents:
  3. SpaCo will get in touch, after your request has been fully reviewed.
  4. If your request is granted, a key deposit of 10€/key must bed paid.
  5. To conclude, your username will be put down in the official key owner registry.

There is a full-featured kitchen provided to all members and visitors of the ChaosStuff. For those whom don't like / have time / don't have to much trust in their cooking skills, there are several - tested by us - delivery-services nearby. For those who are up for a cooking challenge, visit our Foodhacking list.

Price list

As we are a non profit organization, you can buy some drinks and food at us. Here you can find the price list

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