Our wiki

Every organization needs a place to write down their information, what they do, where you can find them an so on. For the C3L it is the wiki.

For new members or people who are not used to a wiki, it can be overwhelming at first. For exactly these people, please use this wiki-page to find out:

  • how to use the wiki
  • who to contact for what purpose
  • to find our most basic wiki-pages
  • get a first understanding about the wiki itself

This is wiki is used as a central repository of documentation. It is a wiki, use it and when you need to change something, change it. All pages have a log, so nothing will be lost and everything can be restored.

Only members of the association can get an account. If you are a member and want an account please contact our friendly NOC.

The list of our very basic wiki-pages and what they are for:

  • Main page: The main page is the first page you will see if you open our wiki. Here you can find links to our info sites about Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg A.S.B.L.,Membership, ChaosStuff, Projects,Donations. You will also find a list of our future and past events as well as contact information.
  • Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg A.S.B.L.: Everything you need to know about the legal body of the organization
  • Membership: You want to become a member, so take a look here
  • ChaosStuff: Everything about our hackerspace: ChaosStuff
  • Projects: You want to do a project or contribute one, so this page is for you.
  • Donations: You want to donate us, so take a look here.
  • Events: You want to participate at an event we organize, so this page is for you.
  • ChaosMeetings: You missed a ChaosMeeting and want to take a look at the minutes, or you want to add a topic to the next ChaosMeeting? Here you can find a list of the past and the future ChaosMeetings.
  • Infrastructure: A list of all the services we provide and the infrastructure we have, can be found here.
  • Our wiki has also private wiki-pages. These are only visible if you are logged in.
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