ChaosMeeting 2015/21

Date 16/11/2015
Time 20:00 CET
Location ChaosStuff
  1. ToDo
  2. entr0py – prometheus
  3. Electronical Parts – metalgamer
  4. Decluttering – prometheus
  5. Borrowing Items – metalgamer
  • entr0py will be split up in two categories:
    • 6 musical shows
    • 6 thematic shows
  • The thematically based shows will be recorded as a podcast and the first hour will be used as a podcast.
  • prometheus will still manage the show. muling might be willing to take entr0py at some later point in time.
  • SpaCo should buy an electronical general purpose kit & electronical folder cleaning kits. (ask muling for details)
  • Besides, metalgamer proposed, that SpaCo should be able to buy electronical parts of members if their is enough budget.

You want to borrow items from the Stuff or other members? Share your infos here.

Stuff that needs to be disposed off, has been marked with RC.

Pls use our RequestTracker.

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